Diane Donovan Piano Studio

"When I was young, I studied piano for eleven years. I endured many uninspired and unimaginative teachers. Mostly they pushed me to aim for flawless recital performances. As an adult, I thought I would never enjoy playing the piano. Then, at age 42, I found Diane Donovan. She has carefully and patiently guided me to review keyboard skills, to learn new repertoire, and to have fun at the piano. She is gifted at breaking complex musical passages into smaller, easier steps. She is inventive and supportive in her teaching style and wants her students to feel successful. I am fortunate to have found such a talented instructor."
- Alison Egan, student

"I've been a piano student with Diane for over 15 years and highly recommend her as a piano teacher. Diane is particularly good with adult students. She is cognizant of the many demands on my time from work, family, and other obligations. She is realistic in her expectations concerning my piano practice time. She provides just the right amount of push to keep me moving forward with my piano playing, but not so much that I get frustrated and anxious."
- Sherwin Low, student


(707) 644-6977

828 Capitol Street
Vallejo, CA 94590